HANA is an agricultural cooperative in Srebrenica, in East Bosnia. They produce high quality natural  jams, honey, Pekmez (apple syrup), and Bestilj (plum butter). But they also make cider vinegar , fruit juices, dried fruit and mushrooms. As the product range will constantly be expanded, it is advisable to revisit the product information on our website on a regular basis. Women from Srebrenica spend the winter months knitting, embroidering and making baskets. That’s why you will soon find handicraft products there.

HANA was founded in 2011 in order to generate jobs in the municipality of Srebrenica, especially for women. HANA pays fair prices for agricultural products, employs women under fair conditions and organises the sale of the products in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The women-founders are responsible for efficient networking outside of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In the long run, HANA must be able to flourish as an independent cooperative to be well-known in the local market, and to export successfully to foreign countries.